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We Make House Calls and Offer Consistent, Reliable Puppy Training in Melbourne

View our in-home puppy training in Melbourne package. Consult with us if you wish to solve the odd behavioural issue to turn your dog into a happy, secure companion. We have more than 30 years of experience and take the time to do it right.

Problems Our In-Home Puppy Training Addresses

Adopting a puppy is a joyous occasion. Teach your new companion how to behave so you can understand each other well and live together in harmony.
  • Life may not be as you had hoped if your pup experiences socialisation issues, ignores commands, runs rampant or chews up your furniture.
  • Prevent these concerns by providing your new family member with the training they need. Turn Molly or Max into a well-behaved and lovable pleasure right from the start. Puppies are usually ready to undergo private dog training when they are between 12 and 16 weeks old.
  • You want to provide your new companion with positive socialisation experiences. Introduce them to many new situations, dogs, other animals, and people early. Develop a well-adjusted, comfortable, confident adult dog that can handle what life has to offer. Puppy training forms a significant part of the process.
  • Research has shown that a lack of socialisation may lead to behaviour problems. We can expose your canine companion to loud noises, new sights and smells, vehicles, movement, the vet, new environments, going for a walk, and taking a trip in the car at an early stage.

Consider our one-on-one in-home puppy training if you want your dog to be relaxed, friendly, playful, and comfortable under most circumstances.

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The Importance of Private Dog Training

Yelling or reprimanding may result in an anxious pup. Caregivers who undergo in-home puppy training with their animals tend to punish their dogs less frequently. They verbally correct their pets less often, reward good behaviour, and know-how to redirect unwanted behaviour.
  • Set up a consultation if you wish to change behaviours such as pulling on the lead, aggression, and separation anxiety.
  • Dogs do not like being alone. They need companionship. Canines may show symptoms such as whining, barking, chewing, pacing, pooing or peeing in the house and attempting to escape when they get anxious about being alone.
  • Causes may include personality, poor socialization, or fear of something inside or outside the house. Other reasons may be pain or medical problems, feeling deserted, a routine change, and boredom. We can help to make being alone easier for your dog.

Rather than simply teaching your dog to respond to commands, we focus on providing positive experiences that build character and confidence. Our private dog training offers gradual exposure to situations that may provoke nervousness and uncertainty.

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Why You Should Use Elite K-9 Work Dogs Australia

We use positive training methods, teaching your dog to become eager to please. Follow our calm, soothing example to create trust, communication, and a strong bond with your pet and prevent apprehensive behaviour.

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