K-9 Dog Trainer Melbourne

K-9 Dog Trainer in Melbourne Provides Patient One-on-One Obedience Training

Our K-9 dog trainer in Melbourne makes house calls and offers calm, caring, reliable, and consistent customer service to you and your dog. Discover how we train your puppy or solve the behavioural issues your adult dog faces.

Signs You Should Invest in K-9 Dog Training Melbourne

Consult us if your beloved pooch over-reacts to things in the environment. Responses may include a tense body, growling, lunging, barking, showing teeth, and forceful eye contact. These signs may mean that your dog is anxious.
  • You may find it challenging to handle the responses, which may derive from genetic makeup, lack of socialisation, fear, discomfort, or having had an intensely scary experience. Your four-legged companion may get upset by and be reactive to movement, noises, other dogs, people, or animals in general, or a combination of these.
  • Living with such concerns can be problematic as you need to consistently manage your dog’s environment to prevent triggers, which can be hard work. Scolding often makes the situation worse as it adds to the anxiety and will not cure the problem.
  • It is never too late. Our K-9 dog training in Melbourne reduces or even eliminates reactivity. We learn to understand the behaviour and its origin. Our trainer offers behaviour modification techniques that can address the causes and prevent escalation.

Consistent work on the issue, via K-9 training in Melbourne, the required know-how and experience, has a good chance of improving the concern over time. You may even see small steps forward within a few weeks.

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The Benefits of K-9 Training in Melbourne

Our K-9 dog training in Melbourne provider does not believe in quick fixes but works with you and your dog – no matter the size or breed – for as long as it takes.
  • Experience has taught us that you can solve all problems if you spend the time and commit yourself to the process.
  • We gently expose dogs to disconcerting environments or situations and condition or desensitise them to lessen their anxiety. Talk to us if you have added a new pet or baby to the family, have moved, or if Bella or Charlie fears going to the vet or refuses to walk on leash.
  • Does your dog show aggression towards birds, trucks, or bicycles? Does he bite or mouth, jump up, cry and bark when alone, engage in destructive behaviour such as digging up your garden, or get hyperactive during certain circumstances?

K-9 training in Melbourne makes your buddy joyful and content. A happy dog is playful, has a high and waggy tail, relaxed body and ears, soft eyes, and leans into you when enjoying your attention.

About Elite K-9 Work Dogs Australia

Our dog whisperer, Dwight Higgins, is from the Bahamas and has been working in Melbourne for the past 3 years. He has an exceptional gift for working with dogs, and his fair, firm, yet calm approach achieves incomparable results.

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