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At Elite K-9, we love dogs of all breeds and sizes. We are not about quick fixes, but about working with you and your dog for the long haul. We believe all problems can be fixed over time and are committed to the process.


Please look through our site and at the services we offer. We look forward to helping your dog become a positive and much-loved member of your family!

Puppy Training

Have you found that puppy school has not given you the results you hoped for your dog?


  • They are still running rampant
  • Using your home as a toilet
  • Chewing your furniture
  • Ignoring your commands
  • Socialisation issues


Start your puppy’s life with the best training from the beginning, and you’ll have a lovable, well-trained family member for life!

Behavioural Problems

Does your dog have behavioural issues?

Is your dog destroying your property, ignoring your commands, punishing you for leaving?


  • Separation anxiety
  • Chewing furniture
  • Digging up the backyard
  • Acting aggressively
  • Anxiety


All of these issues with the correct training can be solved.

Contact Elite K-9 Work Dogs today to start your dog on the best journey of its life!

Dwight Higgins, The Bahamian ‘Dog Whisperer’

Dwight has been training dogs for over 30 years and has a unique gift and way of training. His approach is calm, firm and fair.

Growing up in his native Bahamas, Dwight found he had a natural affinity with dogs from an early age and there developed his love of training dogs. He was given a great opportunity to train with his mentor in the United States and was able to do a three-year apprenticeship learning basic dog obedience right through to training professional protection dogs. He went on to start his own dog training company in the Bahamas, encompassing all facets of dog training.


Dwight also donated his time and skill to helping people who have adopted rescue dogs by offering free training workshops. After moving to Australia, Dwight’s generosity has continued as he volunteers at a local dog club and works with retired greyhounds to help rehabilitate them.


Dwight can assess and evaluate your dog from the first meeting and then work through a plan to put the foundation in place for long term success for you and your pet. Dwight loves a challenge and believes that difficult dogs can be trained with time and patience. Patience is the key to success!

one on one dog training melbourne

Dog Trainer Melbourne

Let Elite K-9 Work Dogs Australia Be Your Dog Trainer in Melbourne

Do you feel like your dog could benefit from working with a dog trainer in Melbourne? The Elite K-9 Work Dogs Australia team is here to help. We provide our clients with the opportunity and the assistance that they need to not only correct current behavioural issues but have a better relationship with their dog.

Tips for Getting More Out of Melbourne Dog Training

Some clients mistakenly believe that their private dog training in Melbourne ends once you bring your pup home. The reality is that there are several ways that you can get more out of investing in a personal dog trainer. Some examples include:
  • Maintain the same routines at home: We will teach you the techniques that we use as we work with your dog. It’s vital that your dog not only grow accustomed to these techniques when working with our team but also at home. Over time you will come to notice that your dog will begin to react to you in the same positive way that they do to our trainers.
  • Patience: Your dog may have setbacks during the learning process. One day your dog may be on its best behaviour, while the next day, you may want to pull your hair out because of different reactions. Don’t be discouraged. This is a normal process during training, and you will soon notice that the positive behaviours will eclipse the bad.
  • Talk to your trainer: Did you notice that your dog appears to struggle with a particular concept once a session is done? Have you witnessed adverse reactions in your dog since training began? We always recommend that you speak with your trainer as much as possible to adjust their training techniques as needed. Remember, please get in touch with us if you have any concerns before, during, or after a session.

Benefits of Dog Trainers in Melbourne

The advantages of collaborating with a dog whisperer in Melbourne are seemingly endless. A few of the top reasons we believe that this type of training can benefit both you and your dog are:
  • Communication: Do you feel discouraged that you don’t have the connection you want with your dog because you can’t effectively communicate with your dog? Our trainers can help you understand the reactions of your dog so you can learn to respond appropriately. For instance, if your dog is jumping up and down during a certain time of day, our trainers will assist you in determining the origin of this behaviour and how you can interact with your dog to stop it.
  • More outdoor activities: Every dog loves to be outside. However, it may be impossible for you to enjoy a relaxing walk or other outdoor activities with your favourite pet if your dog has aggressive tendencies. Our trainers can improve your dog’s reaction to a leash or passers-by so that you feel more comfortable and confident taking your pup out.
  • Active mind: To keep your dog young at heart, it’s strongly recommended that you keep their mind active. Dog training gives your dog the chance to learn new skills that can help them remain active physically and psychologically.

What You Can Expect From Us Regarding Dog Training in Melbourne

You deserve nothing less than the best one-on-one dog training in Melbourne, which is why you can expect the following from our team:
  • In-home consultations: As experienced trainers, we realise that a dog may act differently in environments outside the home. While your pup may be on its best behaviour when you take it to a new place, it may be a troublemaker while at home, which is one of the leading reasons we offer an in-home consultation.
  • Commitment: It’s important to remember that changing a dog’s behaviour that suffers from anxiety or destructive behaviour is not an overnight process. We work closely with you to put together a plan that will help you see an improvement in your dog over time so our training will remain with your dog for the rest of their life.
  • Personalised experience: The majority of dogs don’t learn well in a group setting, so we focus on one-on-one training. During our sessions, our team reduces your dog’s stress level by training in the familiar setting of your home or garden. This can help your dog retain more of what’s being taught. You also can watch and participate in these sessions, which can add a level of comfort for both you and your dog.

About Elite K-9 Work Dogs Australia

The Elite K-9 Work Dogs Australia collaborates with you to help you develop a better relationship between you and your furry friend. Do you have more questions about our personal dog trainer services? Contact us today.