In-Home Dog Training

We Are Passionate About In-Home Dog Training

Elite K-9 Work Dogs Australia is committed to helping you and your canine with our in-home dog training programme. We have extensive experience with all breeds and sizes of dogs, and we understand that dogs are as individual as humans when it comes to training.

Benefits of In-Home Dog Training in Melbourne

There are several reasons for you to consider employing an in-house dog trainer, especially when you consider how many benefits it holds for you and your dog. One of the biggest benefits is establishing a close bond with your dog, which would not be possible in a group setting.
  • To begin with, you can schedule the training around your own life. Whereas group classes will have set times and venues, choosing the route of in-house dog training means that we will fit into your schedule rather than you having to fit into ours.
  • In addition, the training goals will be specifically tailored to meet your dog’s needs. For example, your dog may run out of your front gate every time it’s open or bark incessantly at your neighbours; we will work with you to correct those behaviours or any other issues you may have picked up. Your dog will already be more at ease because their surroundings are familiar, and they are already used to the space in which training will take place.
  • If you have a puppy, you’d usually have to wait to join group classes until your puppy has had all the required vaccinations. In-home training does not require vaccinations to be complete. Even your older dogs are at risk of kennel cough or other viruses that other dogs in group classes may be carrying.

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Tips Regarding In-House Dog Training

We think it’s important to point out that training is an ongoing process. You need to be patient and committed to achieving the results you want when you book our dog trainer for a house call, however long it may take. As with humans, some dogs learn and adapt faster than others.
  • Dogs thrive on positive reinforcement. Your dog will respond well to training when we reward them with something they enjoy – whether it’s their favourite squeaky toy, food, or praise, or perhaps a combination of all three. When they learn that their new behaviour earns them a reward, they are more likely to repeat it.
  • You should aim for shorter training sessions. By keeping sessions shorter, you are less likely to overwhelm your dog.
  • When you plan to try something new, try to do so in a quiet place in your home, away from distractions.

Why You Should Use Elite K-9 Work Dogs Australia

We have over thirty years of experience in our field and will help you and your dog work through any issues you may be experiencing with them. Whether they are anxious or aggressive, prone to hyperactivity or jumping, we do it all.

If you are in the Melbourne Metro area and you’d like more information about what we do, please feel free to get in touch with us.